The Skincare Routine From Kim Kardashian

Kim Kardashian is adored and followed by many, as she is picture perfect. Have you ever wondered how she manages to look so good in public? Wonder no more, as she has shared skincare and beauty regime and tips to look the best.

For the hair:

  • Hydrating overnight hair products
  • Wash your hair with a good dry shampoo

For the face:

  • Wash your face with a good foaming cleanser. Kim loves foam. Follow it up with hyaluronic acid and a face serum.
  • Use a thick moisturizer
  • Apply sunscreen

For the hands & nails:

  • Use a suitable hand cream
  • Keep your nails hydrated
  • Always apply cuticle oil

For the skin:

  • Exfoliate your skin

Makeup Tips:

  • Change hair color. Tip: Go in for colors that are a shade or two lighter than your eyebrows. Never let the two be the same color.
  • Highlight your face using beauty contour sticks
  • Over-line the upper lip using a good lip liner
  • Floral woody musk perfume
  • Shape your eyebrows as per the shape of your face

Other tips:

  • Eat healthily and take skin care food
  • Drink plenty of water and water only.
  • Work out for at least an hour. Kim is a hardcore weight trainer.
  • Treat yourself to the spa occasionally
  • Plunge into the pool or tub to relieve stress
  • Whenever you travel, take the mini versions of all the essentials in your travel bag
  • Wash your face with all the makeup using a warm washcloth
  • Wear a girdle around your waist or a waist trainer whenever you want to slim down

Her advice in a nutshell: Change skincare routine all the time. Kim follows this because of her love to try new products.… Read the rest

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