Cleanliness in Home with Pets Around

It is a proven fact that pets make us happier and feel loved. They are wonderful companions who can give us unconditional love and support and keep us mentally, physically, and emotionally healthy and fit. However, caring for a pet is an altogether different task and it requires some time, effort, and dedication from your side as well.

There are a few people who have the misconception that pets can cause allergies and the house tends to get untidy. How to keep a home with pets clean? When you follow a few simple routine cleaning tips, there’s no reason your home would look dirty or be smelly.

Here are some general cleaning tips that you can follow to keep your home clean with pets around and have a personal ‘me-time’ without wearing yourself down.

  • Every time you walk your pet outdoors, ensure that you clean the paws clean. Keep a bowl of water ready by the door before you go for a walk. Clean the paws gently and dry them off.
  • Brush your pets regularly to reduce the hair shedding on the floors and air around the house. This ensures that allergies are taken care of.
  • Groom and clean your pet regularly. Check for ticks and infections, vaccinate regularly; This can go a long way in ensuring that dander shedding is reduced. You can take the help of pet professional grooming services.
  • Vacuum dust and mop your house regularly; Try to get into a routine and fix a few days and times in a week to do the same. Having a fixed cleaning schedule always helps. An electrostatic mop is quite the cleaning superstar these days and seems to be doing a neat job.
  • Clean the air filters of your ACs regularly.
  • Bathroom training is very important for your pet to ensure that you don’t have the hassle of cleaning the mess indoors. When you walk your pet, ensure that you carry a disposable bag to keep the neighbourhood clean too. If it’s a cat, a litterbox is a must, which must be cleaned atleast twice or thrice a day and the box itself must be cleaned with bleach and soapy solution and scrub.
  • Keep pet food supplies covered in tubs or containers.

A regular routine and general upkeep of pet hygiene can help keep you home clean and odour-free.

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